Mr. Gummy has the solutions for all your custom formulation needs. With our complete in- house applications laboratory, we can customize a product and offer an “off-the-shelf” formula for a variety of applications. Mr. Gummy is able to develop and produce a huge volume of high quality supplements with quick turnaround times and fast delivery.

Mr. Gummy’s plants are certified Kosher and our product line is controlled from raw material to the packaged product. The manufacturer has an in house testing lab with HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), UV Spectroscopy, FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), Stability Chamber and a Dissolution tester to make sure the raw materials as well as the finished products, comply with the label claims and the FDA requirements.

Our ever-expanding private label line and low minimum orders make Mr. Gummy an easy choice when you are looking for quality private labeling or custom manufacturing services.

Custom Formulations:

All of our gummies are available in sugar-free for custom formulations. We can either recreate an existing formula or work with you to develop a unique product targeted toward your specific needs. Our minimum for private label with our stock items is 1,000 bottles per product and for custom formulations is 1.2 tone (1000,000 gummies). We can also add our nutritional ingredients and natural colors, as well as the perfect flavor and any other desired elements – such as vitamins, minerals, probiotics or fiber – to offer you a quality formula for your application.

In addition, to contract manufacturing your product we can also help you with label and packaging design and provide you with detailed documentation on your formula to help you market and sell your product worldwide.